Monday, January 28, 2008

The news

Barack Obama himself will be in Denver on Wednesday morning for a rally at Magness Arena at the University of Denver. Open to the public and free. Obama trails Hillary by a lot in terms of delegates for the Dems nomination, but he did have that big win in South Carolina's Democratic primary over the weekend. He also trails Hillary in polls in states with a lot of delegates, but according to a poll in The Denver Post, he and Hillary are about even in Colorado. So he'll be in Colorado to rally supporters and try to win over undecided voters.

For fans of Straight No Chaser, the a cappella group from Indiana University: They're doing a show in Denver at Cherry Creek High School. This group isn't the original group that did that great version of 12 Days circulating online, but if you want to go, you can get tickets from Pam Berke at (720) 529-9091.

After 10 years of dead ends, Boulder police have arrested a suspect in the brutal death of CU student Susannah Chase in 1997. It was the first homicide in Boulder for lead Detective Chuck Heidel. He said he kept in touch with Chase's parents over the years to tell them of updates in the case, including lots of blind alleys and dead ends. "It was tough to tell them about those dead ends." It was a different story Friday, when he told the family of a DNA match from the crime to a man sentenced in Wyoming for a kidnapping there. "We're extremely happy," Heidel said.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Fray : Live ticket update

Fans of The Fray got up early this morning to get $10 tickets for three shows next weekend at the Bluebird, capacity about 500. The ticket line at 9 a.m. stretched from the Bluebird box office to the end of the block, down the length of Adams St. to 16th and around the corner down 16th. SO here are the people on the second bend, after the line went from Colfax to Adams to 16th:

By 11:30 a.m., the box office had sold tickets to 103 people, and the people at the corner of Adams and Colfax were #200 in line to get tickets. A woman behind us who counted everyone in line said we were at about 480. Considering there were 1,600 tickets available total for all 3 shows, and we could only make Friday's show, we bailed. But the line is still there, and there's still hope if you know someone in line before about spot #350 (people keep cutting to join friends further ahead in line). If you're not in line already though, you might as well not bother.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Music news

All right. If you haven't heard by now, The Fray are playing 3 low-dough shows Feb. 1, 2, 3 at the Bluebird of all new songs. Tix go on sale this Saturday, 1/26, and there are strict rules to make sure real fans, not scalpers, get as many tickets as possible and don't have to camp out all day and night in the cold to get them. Check out the rules

Saturday afternoon, check out The Shoppe on Colfax for cupcakes, cereal and art goodness on Colfax. and others are teaming up for a contest that will award the winning band or artist :
-An EP deal with Atlantic Records
-A music publishing deal with Peer Music
-A Booking Deal with The Agency Group
-Distribution through ADA from The Rebel Group
-A Showcase at The House of Blues in Hollywood, CA
There's a bunch of steps, but if you're up for it... Won't detail all the steps here, but read them here.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Say Hi, Meese and more

Remember Say Hi To Your Mom? Now Eric Elbogen's project just goes by Say Hi, and he's playing in Denver at the Hi Dive on March 18 (that's a Tuesday). The new album comes out Feb 5, but til then have a listen to some of its songs:
Listen to Northwestern Girls
Listen to Zero to Love

Aaah, leap year, when we get a whole extra day. How are you spending yours? How about seeing Meese for FREE at Twist and Shout on Colfax, 6 p.m. Leap Day, Feb. 29, is on a Friday.

Counting Crows also has a new album, "Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings." The Saturday half has the raucous, the Sunday side has the calm. It's not out til March, but the songs are getting plenty of play on MySpace, radio, etc


What do you think is the preferred computer at the University of Missouri journalism school? (click to zoom)

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Free light bulbs!

Wal-Mart has donated 5,000 compact fluorescent light bulbs that Denver City Council members are giving away. The only thing is, it's not totally easy to figure out how to get them. And going to each Council member's Web site, as Greenprint Denver advises, doesn't help.

As far as we can tell, the best bet may be to visit Jeanne Robb (district 10), who is handing them out at her office @ 1232 E. Colfax (call to make sure it's open before you go, 303.377.1807)

CFLs retail for more than conventional bulbs but last much longer and use less energy. They do contain mercury, so they require special disposal/recycling

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Forecast

The Ruby Hill Rail Yard opens this Saturday! 5a-11p. Six rails, all for free, in a Denver city park. More here. There will even be ski and snowboard instructors to help you out at select times. (photo from Denver Parks and Rec)

OneRepublic (including 3 members from Colorado) play a sold out show Friday at the Gothic, but before they do, they'll be signing CDs at Independent Records (Colfax + Ogden) @ 6:30p.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Take Away Shows!

It's only January, but I think I've already found my favorite music Web site of the year: Take Away Shows from blogotheque! >>>>

See Jason Mraz make a song from strains he overheard from a street musician

Or watch The National

Full concert list

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

woxy countdown

Did you miss's countdown of the top 97 albums of '07? They've got all eight hours of it available on-demand here. You can listen hour by hour.

In other tidbits ...
The book "Billion Dollar Kiss: The Kiss that Saved 'Dawson's Creek' and Other Adventures in TV Writing" is taking on more relevance with the writers' strike stretching on. Jeffrey Stepakoff gives insight into the industry, the wealth of riches that were available to the best and brightest, and words for anyone aspiring to join the ranks. It's not always the easiest to read (he's probably a better script writer). At times the book acts as a history of TV writing, at times as Stepakoff's memoir, and at times -- when it's the most exciting -- spilling about Hollywood writers and actors and bigwigs.

ABC has put some episodes of My So Called Life online! Posted on Fridays at (click on "primetime" from the home page)

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Put it on your calendar ... THE SHOPPE @ 3103 E. Colfax (next to the Fabric Lab) has its grand opening 1/26 ... cupcakes, design, art, oh my!

fashion :: denver

Asha Monique, one of the designers from Frock Out Denver, expects to offer her designs at the Fabric Lab in Denver soon.

Here's one of the dresses she created for Frock Out Denver:

"I see this dress being worn by a trendsetter, a confident an sexy woman," Asha said. "If my client were invited to P' Diddy's White Party in the Hamptons, this is the dress I would make for her."

She answered some questions for us about her involvement with the competition.

How did you get involved with the competition?
My boss sent me an email for the call out for local designers.

How would you describe your design style?

Would you ever consider doing something like Project Runway?
Not any time soon, I am a much better designer then seamstress, and the time restraints are to crazy!

What do you think about that show?

I love it! I crave creative people around me, and that show is a window into what other designers are doing. It's inspirational, it makes me feel like a part of a really exciting community of talented people.