Friday, December 28, 2012

Amerigo Delicatus

Just a quick note to say we stopped into Amerigo Delicatus one Saturday evening, and mmmm, it was good.

Don't get distracted by the bright neon sign for Billy's Gourmet Hot Dogs as you head toward 24th and Larimer _ Amerigo Delicatus is right next door.

The cozy husband-and-wife-run restaurant has small wood tables and larger hightops for bigger parties, and large painted canvases adorn the walls. Customers can sit at a table for a meal or buy readymade food from the counter.

The menu changes, so we couldn't order the pumpkin bruschetta when we visited, but we started off with a bruschetta with beef shoulder. It was OK, if a little difficult to gnaw off a bite. We also got mussels, which were well-seasoned and suitably plump. The gnocchi was satisfying and comforting on a chilly evening. Worth a repeat visit to order it again! We finished with that old Italian standby, tiramisu. Of course, all this  probably means nothing now because the menu has changed yet again, offering yet another reason for us to go back to try more dishes.

Servers were friendly and attentive.

The already reasonable prices (every entree under $20, dessert for $5 or less!) were made even more palatable with a 50 percent off deal from Scoutmob ($10 max dinner discount).