Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Obvious Child

If you've been hoping for more projects from Jenny Slate beyond Marcel the Shell with Shoes on, you'll be excited that "Obvious Child" has been turned from a short into a full-length film starring her.

During a preview screening in downtown Denver, the crowd laughed along at just about every joke in this comedy about abortion. Yes, a comedy about abortion.

This independent-minded film stands out for its frankness, uncensored comedy and honest, authentic feeling without trying too hard for punchlines. It's also at times sweet, touching and has touches of sadness. It's not just a one-dimensional movie, nor is it all crass, though there will probably be moments when you say, "I can't believe she just said that." The leads, Jenny Slate and Jake Lacy, are quite watchable.

This isn't necessarily a movie you have to see in the theater, but it certainly is more fun to watch with all your fellow moviegoers, so you can enjoy the jokes together. No matter what, watch this with a group.