Wednesday, October 24, 2007

If you were like us, your hopes of getting a ticket to see the World Series at Coors Field crashed into the hard rocks of reality yesterday. (By the way, did you HEAR about the GUY who somehow managed to buy tickets on the Rockies Web site TWICE yesterday??? And the guy who bought tickets from SAN FRANCISCO while we were clicking away in DENVER???) But you can still watch the games in Denver's great outdoors. The parks and rec department and some others conspired to show the games on a 40x20 foot screen on the 16th Street Mall for free. There will even be hot dog sellers and concessionaires. Of course, if you're a Rockies fan and all the games are like tonight, you may not want to watch. Game 2 Thursday night!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rockies World Series tickets

The Rockies try one more time to sell World Series tickets for games at Coors Field, today, 10/23, at noon MDT online. Businesses already lost some productivity as workers took Monday off to try to buy tickets or logged on from work. So will it be a repeat today, or will employees feel too guilty wasting another day on tickets?

Friday, October 19, 2007

Music news

Rogue Wave plays tonight @ the Bluebird. They also have a song on the benefit CD Urban Outfitters is selling starting Monday. Long Winters, The Klaxons, Voxtrot, and Sonic Youth also have songs on the album along with Annuals.

Speaking of Annuals, they will soon be touring America with Manchester Orchestra, and fans who go to the shows can find limited edition 7-inches of each band covering a song by the other.

Listen to Annuals covering "Where Have You Been."
Listen to Manchester Orchestra's (marvelous!!) version of "Brother."
(Annuals' own "Brother" is on their MySpace page, and MO's version of "Where Have You Been" is on their MySpace page.) The bands visit the Hi-Dive in Denver on Nov. 19.

Earlimart plays with Office @ Larimer Lounge on Sat., Oct. 20. $10 in advance

Denver Roller Dolls have a calendar release party @ Bender's Tavern that same Saturday, no cover.

There's actually room for huge mansions in Beijing, The Wall St. Journal reports. Watch the video if you don't have time for the article. 2 min.

The WSJ also has an article on Ohio State's ridonkulously huge athletics budget.

Perhaps you remember us telling you about deep-fried cookie dough. Well, here's a recipe.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Flobots are heading out for some shows on the East Coast but will be back in Denver to play @ Cervantes MasterBall Room w/ Lyrics Born on Oct. 23. Then they play Oct. 25 in Boulder with Public Enemy. They also play @ Herman's Hideaway for a measly $7 on Oct. 27. E-mail us if you need to get discount tickets for the Herman's show.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rockies are going to the World Series!!!!!!!

The D-Backs did make it interesting after the Rockies took a 6-1 lead in Game 4, but the Rox ended up winning 6-4 to sweep the NLCS. All the World Series ticket info you need is here. Cheapest tix for Games 3, 4, 5 (Oct. 27, 28, 29) will be Rockpile, for $65. Limit is 4 tix per person. UPDATE: ALL tickets sold on Monday will be sold online. So don't go to Coors Field. Everything will be online at 10 a.m. MDT. There's not going to be much left after allotments for season ticket holders, the teams and Major League Baseball, so good luck. Prices on StubHub are already crazy, but prices should come down a bit in the next several days. Keep watching. Otherwise, start seeing who you know who works for the team or other MLB teams and try to get tickets that way.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Mobius Band couldn't play in Denver last night because Ben was in the ER in New Mexico. But sounds like he'll be OK.

Great American Beer Fest closes out today. On Friday, a big line was formed at the Dogfish Head Brewery booth, where legendary extreme brewer Sam Calagione was serving his beers himself. The alcohol content in everything Dogfish is offering at the fest is so high that you get a long of bang for the little sipping cup you're given. But you definitely have to sip. Oskar Blues of Lyons has the new Ten Fidy. Check out their lip balm too. Smells terrible but it's kind of funny.

No Broncos tomorrow, so support runners in the Denver Marathon on Sunday.

"Calvin and Hobbes" creator Bill Watterson reviews the new book on the life of Charles Schulz. The review appeared in The Wall Street Journal.

"Wordplay" airs on PBS on Tuesday. Check local listings.

Monday, October 08, 2007


Good reading today on fortune cookies and a man whose chopped off finger grew back with the help of some pig powder,

John Vanderslice @ Hi-Dive Tuesday night, 10/9
Colorado Rockies open NLCS against Arizona, Thursday, 10/11
Great American Beer Fest opens, 10/11-10/13
Mobius Band @ the Hi-Dive, Friday, 10/12
Rogue Wave, 10/19! @ the Bluebird.

Check out Rogue Wave on TV not so long ago:

Tuesday, October 02, 2007


OMG! The Rockies have won the Tour de France! In case you missed it, the Rockies' win of the NL wild card in a tiebreaker game Monday against San Diego was just as wild and storybook as their ride to get to the tiebreaker game. The Rockies led 3-0 before the Padres scored 5 in the third inning. The game went to 13 innings tied 6-6 before San Diego had a two-run homer off Jorge Julio, who was booed heavily when he was finally pulled. It was the top of the order for the Rockies in the bottom of the 13th, and every single batter either got on base or advanced a runner. Kaz Matsui and Troy Tulowitzki doubled, MVP candidate Matt Holliday hit a triple (that at first looked like it might be a homer but it bounced off the right field scoreboard), and the Padres walked Todd Helton. Then Jamey Carroll was out on a fly to right, but Holliday tagged and slid home face first. It looked sooo close (we'll have to check replays to see if Holliday's hand really touched the plate), and then the ball dribbled out from the catcher. The ump finally signaled he was safe, and the Rockies poured out from the dugout. (Kinda makes up for a miffed call on a Rockies homer that was ruled a double for "bouncing off the yellow railing" when in fact replays showed it hit a chair or something behind the yellow before it bounced back onto the field, so it should've been a homer). Holliday looked like he was hurt, but he was walking around afterward and even jumped on Helton. He did have blood on his chin though. Afterward the pilots from Buckley Air Force Base who did the flyover before the game, during the national anthem, were giving high fives to fans on their way out of 20th and Blake. Anyways, relive the bottom half of the 13th with video on the Rockies Web site.