Friday, February 29, 2008


Meese entertained an intimate crowd at the back of the Twist and Shout on Colfax tonight for free. The Meeses' dad and uncle were there to watch. The band toted in an electronic keyboard and kept things pretty bare. They said they have a show planned in Boulder May 2 that they hope Born in the Flood will be able to join them for. Then they signed stuff for a little while. But the free didn't stop there. At the door afterward, Hearts of Palm (formerly Nathan & Stephen) handed out free buttons and tote bags. (Tote bags!) Hearts of Palm plays FREE at Illegal Pete's in Lodo (16th and Wazee) tomorrow, 3/1, at 8 p.m., and you can pick up a free HoP EP while you're there. They'll be offering the EP free for the month, so get yours.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Forecast

Did you see AP reporter George Merritt's sister, Tift Merritt, on Jay Leno last night? If you missed her performance, she's playing the Bluebird on April 8.

Also at the Bluebird, Vampire Weekend, April 1. That's a Tuesday. A mere $8.

This Friday, 2/29, catch Meese for FREE at Twist and Shout at 6 p.m.
Then mosey on over to the Old Curtis St. Tavern to hear Hello Kavita. Speaking of Hello Kavita, their CD release party is April 5 at the Larimer Lounge in a show with Paper Bird. $8.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

ha ha ha

Ben Kronberg of Denver, on Jimmy Kimmel...

...he used to be my neighbor

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

UPDATE: Benson is in, by a 6-3 vote. Regent Tom Lucero said the school isn't hiring him to teach in the classroom and isn't just hiring a fundraiser but someone who is politically well connected who can talk to legislators from both parties to try to get more state funding for CU. Regent Paul Schauer says it's time for CU to get back to teaching students. Regent Patricia Hayes (who says she didn't make up her mind until about 4 p.m. yesterday, when the regents meeting started) says it's time for the university to unite as a family. One faculty/staff speaker commented to regents that Benson isn't the greatest speaker, that she wasn't expecting an Obama, but that people were expecting a better public spokesperson for the university. Regent Tillie Bishop said something to the effect that Benson might not be the most polished diamond but with everyone working together, perhaps they could put some more facets on the diamond. The regents who opposed Benson (all Democrats) were opposed for various reasons, such as that Benson is a divisive figure on campus. Boulder faculty wanted someone who had risen from academia to help recruit and retain top faculty and students, much like 98 percent of CU's peers. Several students also wanted the search committee to reconvene. A motion by Regent Cindy Carlisle to have the committee reconvene and bring forth 3-5 finalists, including Benson if he desired, failed. More than 100 people attended the regents meeting, and about 30 people spoke. Hayes says there were also 1,250 e-mails sent just between 11 a.m. Tuesday and Wednesday on Benson. President Hank Brown sat in the back observing. Student leader Charles Gilford was disappointed by the vote and said he wished more regents had taken the time to meet with students, whom they are supposed to be representing.
University of Colorado regents are scheduled to vote tomorrow, 2/20, on Bruce Benson, finalist to be CU system president. What do you think? Will the regents send the search committee back to look for another candidate?

It's not a slam dunk. Some worry that he has only a bachelor's degree. Others are upset he built his career in oil and gas. Others don't like that he funded a GOP-backed 527.

Professor Jeff Mitton said earlier this month that it has been "turbulent" on campus. He says this is yet another potential prez brought forward as a sole finalist, rather than one of a few finalists. Mary Kraus chairs the geology department, which has benefited from donations by Mr. Benson, a CU geology graduate. She is enthusiastically supporting Benson's nomination. Jerry Hauser, former chair for the Boulder Faculty Assembly, says of course everyone in the geology department is going to think Benson is the second coming. Still, Hauser says Kraus and Patty Limerick, another Benson supporter, are very well-respected at CU.

Faculty and students have already voted against supporting Benson's nomination. So far, the three Democrats on the nine-member Board of Regents are all expected to vote no on Benson.


He's not a university president, but faculty are upset with John Lavine, the dean at Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism. He's been in the hot seat since a columnist at the student newspaper raised questions over anonymous quotes in a piece Lavine wrote in the alumni magazine. (some might say he's been in the hot seat for a while, with the changes he wants to make to the journalism program) Now some members of the faculty have come out with a public statement and letter to Lavine saying they are "deeply troubled." This after Lavine's questionable use of the quote spawned articles in The Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times. Note, David Protess, the professor whose investigative journalism students have helped free men on death row, signed on to both.


On a lighter note, see the lunar eclipse tomorrow, 2/20! Watch from the backyard, or head to the University of Denver's Historic Chamberlain Observatory. Telescopes and experts available. 2930 E. Warren Ave.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Little Radio's "in ya face!" to the music industry

(kinda funny, about 1:45 of the way thru)

Wayne Wang

Want to see director Wayne Wang ("Chan is Missing," "The Joy Luck Club") in person? He'll be in Denver over President's Day weekend for screenings of four of his movies, including a new one. All showings are at the Starz Film Center.
_ Saturday, 2/16, @ 5 p.m. is "Chinese Box." Screenwriter Larry Gross also will attend. Then at 7:45 p.m., is the new project
_ Sunday, 2/17, @ 4 p.m., "Life is Cheap...But Toilet Paper is Expensive"
More details here

Monday, February 11, 2008

KEXP and Radio New York are teaming up. That means KEXP programming is going to end up on terrestrial airwaves beginning 3/24. It'll also mean more NYC bands getting "in-studio" performances on KEXP.

Chicago Tribune music critic Greg Kot is a guest on Conan O'Brien tonight. (2/11)

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Forecast

Chinese New Year
is Thursday, Year of the Rat. There will be performances and more at the Far East Center on Thursday but also on the weekend. Starting around noon, through the afternoon, there will be lion dances, martial arts demos, etc, at various times at the Far East Center on Federal and Alameda (free. It may be easier to park in the neighborhood if there's no room for your car at the Far East Center).

There are also celebrations (you need to buy tickets) in Aurora (details) and in Denver (details)

Fancy Tiger at Ellsworth and Broadway is now 2 with crafts and sewing/knitting/craft classes, and a new spot across the street for clothing. A grand opening party for the clothes shop is Feb. 22. With cupcakes!

The Fancy Tiger party is 7-10, which means you have time to stop there before you see the Drive By Truckers at the Ogden, if you're so inclined. Or you can stay at Fancy Tiger and see DBT the next night in Boulder at the Fox.

Monday, February 04, 2008


Digging out from snow at Crested Butte:
(more snow today thru early Tuesday) by N. Bilow..

The low-dough shows by The Fray

Rod Smith chillin' with Obama volunteers