Wednesday, October 23, 2013

St. Louis vs Boston brass

A World Series appearance by the hometown team is usually something civic leaders cheer, but a St. Louis Symphony official worried the Cardinals' good fortune would affect ticket sales as people headed to the ballpark instead of the concert hall.

Hark! A marketing campaign is born! Take a look at how the brass of the Boston and St. Louis symphonies are having fun with the World Series with some trash talking.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

What's on our reading list

So many books, so little time. Here's a few we're reading / about to read / hoping to read soon.

Wild, Cheryl Strayed
This memoir by a woman who set out to hike the Pacific Crest trail after losing her mother and marriage was one our book club picked. A movie version is coming soon with Reese Witherspoon.

Moloka'i, Alan Brennert
We started reading this one for book club but got sidetracked, but we're going to read, daggammit. Especially because the first few pages were compelling, but we had to set this book aside to finish Wild.

Vacationland: Tourism and Environment in the Colorado High Country, William Philpot
KW told us to read this non-fiction book for fascinating tidbits like how I-70 nearly didn't exist and how there's a whole ghost town there underwater at Dillon Reservoir.

A Visit from the Goon Squad, Jennifer Egan
A Pulitzer Prize winner. We're trying to avoid hearing too much more about it before we turn the first page.

What do you recommend reading?

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Naked and Famous

The crowd braved the cold, and Alisa of Naked and Famous braved a cold/flu for a show at the Fillmore in Denver last night. The Colourist started things off with a fun set that had the boys swooning for drummer/singer Maya. Then Naked Famous came out to perform with a full light show. The band said it can be tough being on the road touring a lot, but to feel the energy they get back from crowds like the one at the Fillmore makes it much easier. The night ended with Alisa saying, "This one's for you, Denver," as the encore ended with "Young Blood." Naked and Famous will be back in Denver 3/15 to play with Imagine Dragons.

adidas + snowboarding = ?

As snowboard season gets under way (A-Basin and Loveland have opened for the season, and Wolf Creek is operating on the weekends for now), we're curious to see whether adidas' entry into making and selling snowboard gear will take off.

Some longtime snowboarders are skeptical of a big brand like adidas getting into the snowboard game. Adidas is sponsoring pro riders like Jake Blauvelt to try to build cred.

Adidas has said it was going to go after core snowboarders in its first year of marketing, in part with advertising in snowboarding publications. They've managed to work their way into the editorial pages too.
The latest issue of Transworld Snowboarding includes adidas among its very limited number of "best boots you can buy" for both men and women. The issue also has a 10-page article on Blauvelt's new snowboard film, "Naturally," which adidas sponsored, and the issue has some full page ads for adidas. Also included on Transworld's best boot list: Nike.