Monday, May 06, 2013

Some light reading

You may have noticed couple of new links there under the "Check It" section. They're for two blogs we've been reading that have been making us laugh.

Thank You For Canada is by the same guy who's behind the Waffleizer site (and soon-to-be book).

The other one should under no circumstances be endorsed nor recommended by anyone. It's profane, inappropriate, and discusses little more than drinking/behaving badly/drinking. And it is, Cats In Your Pants.

Running home from work

We laughed when the wellness coach at our day jobs suggested we take our jogging gear to work so we could jog home one day instead of walking home. Images of jogging with dress clothes flapping from one clenched fist and a lunch bag stuffed in the other floated through our heads. But then the Wall Street Journal wrote about this guy, who really does run to work, with his other clothes on his back. Puts us to shame.