Thursday, June 29, 2006

Rogue Wave does Denver

We are good clappers.
We are not good spellers.
That's the word from Zach Rogue of Rogue Wave, who played a full room at the Larimer Lounge just now. The crowd clapped out waltz time for a new tune. The band also played another new song, "Ghost." There was the rambunctious hoedown of "Medicine Ball."
"Bird on a Wire," "Catform," "Publish My Love," and "California" all got played, and "Every Moment." No "10:1" though.
Anyway, Denver's not so good with the spelling. Rogue Wave was playing with Ghosty and the Laylights, but you wouldn't know it from the LL's fliers, which advertised Rouge Wave with Ghostly.
There was an encore! A long one: There was solo Rogue on "Postage Stamp World," the whole band did lovely harmonies on the Beatles' "I'm Only Sleeping," and then ... shoot. There was a third song. I think it was "Love's Last Guarantee."
Ghosty is a pretty good band, by the way.
Man, it's been a while since I've been to the LL. They actually charged me at the door, I didn't recognize either of the doormen or bouncers, and instead of an '80s cash register there's a real computer with a touchscreen, just like at a real live bar! just kidding. I digress. It was a great show. I think Rogue Wave mighta had fun too. If the guy in front of me hadn't smelled so much like a fart, the show would've been perfect.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Ward Churchill

Well, that's it. CU interim Chancellor DiStefano says professor Ward Churchill should be out. Actually, DiStefano's ruling of dismissal is just part of the process toward firing him. There could still be appeals, etc., so we'll have to see what happens next.

Churchill plans to appeal to a Faculty Senate committee, according to his attorney.
The last time a similar case went to the Faculty Senate committee, it took 18 months to resolve, according to CU.

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tidbits from Tom Green's online show:
_Tom's dating Jamie Kennedy's ex-girlfriend
_He has a Miss PacMan machine in his house
_Jeremy Klein (from team Birdhouse) broke his skateboard jumping off Tom Green's roof onto the patio
_Ace Young from American Idol, comedian Harland Williams and Tom's dog have been guests
_Brooke Shields and Andy Dick are supposed to be guests next week
_He's going on five times a week. Yes, FIVE. (Four original shows per week, plus a repeat). On It's possible he will be on even more on You can still call in live to the show and talk to Tom and his guests. (There apparently is a 45-second delay, so don't freak out if you can't hear yourself right away). Apparently ManiaTV is just the bankroller for Tom Green to do whatever he wants on the Internet! Haha!
_You can curse on the Internet, and Jeremy Klein does.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Guster is posting slice-of-life videos on their Web site. Read about it here or watch 'em here. Funny

Monday, June 19, 2006


The Spinto Band is playing live in the WOXY Lounge right this second! Check the lounge archives later if you miss it. said Tom Green would have a weekly, live call-in show online debuting June 15. But now that ManiaTV's put in all that studio equipment in his living room, it sounds like Tom might be going live online whenever he feels like it. He's even toying with a nightly show....So who knows. Next time you click onto or, you just might see him doing his show right then and there.

Red Rocks film series (Film on the Rocks) starts tonight with Top Gun. Outdoors, beautiful venue, band to open, plenty of room for all your friends and refreshments.

You might have caught up with the Denver Roller Dolls on all their various MySpace pages. Now the roller derby league has a new Web site. *

Saturday, June 17, 2006

"Heart of the Game"

Thanks to ATT, here's an early review of "The Heart of the Game":

"The Heart of the Game" screened at the Seattle International Film Festival for the second year in a row, this time more polished and as a preview to its wide release.

Producer/director Ward Serrill introduced many of the movie's "characters" following the Thursday (6/8) screening. It was a packed theater supporting the homegrown story.

The story follows the developments of a high school girls' basketball team and its players during a seven-year span under the direction of an unlikely coach - a university tax professor. Upon his hiring, he admits that he has little experience and unconventional ideas, but has an enthusiasm to coach and try new tactics. I often hear high school and college-level coaches professing that they teach their players life skills in addition to game skills. This coach is shown to actually do so.

To try to summarize this movie would not do it justice. The mix of humor, drama, and moral/political debate is well-balanced and smooth. I can toss out any number of descriptors that would attempt to classify it - "an uplifting story of teamwork", "a study in friendly rivalry and coaching styles", "a girl power movie", "a collection of people taking unconventional paths and facing major turning points at an early age" - but it's better just to experience it for oneself.

Development of audience sympathy and familiarity for the coach and main character comes at the price of some minimization of other teammates and of a rival team. Thankfully, the rivalry was developed only on-court and friendly moments off-court were often featured, avoiding a Disneylike good guys-bad guys dichotomy. Narration by Ludacris was neither notably bad or good. I didn't realize it was his voice until credits ran. I didn't really know what to expect from this movie, but I came away from it extremely satisfied.

Could this be the year of the documentary? Along with "WordPlay" and "Dave Chappelle's Block Party," some reviewers (read this) are saying it's a great year for documentaries, some of which are trumping other theatrical releases as the best of the year so far.

And here is another fun take on the film, from a U-Dub perspective


Even if you're not at Bonnaroo, you can still hear Dungen and My Morning Jacket today on the Webcast. Here's the schedule

Columbine Memorial

It was a gloomy, overcast day as the first people started arriving at Clement Park on Friday for the groundbreaking of the memorial to victims of the 1999 shootings at Columbine High School. Then the sun came out, and coats came off. About 2,000 people were gathered on the grass. Former President Clinton, who was on his second trip to help raise funds for the memorial, was to speak after Dawn Anna Beck, mother of slain student Lauren Townsend. But before Dawn Anna could finish, it was raining, thundering and there was even a bolt of lightning. When it was Clinton's turn, he quipped that he may not be running for political office, but he knew better than to talk to the crowd in the rain for too long. A planned 20-25 minute speech ended up being much shorter.

The area where the shovels went in the ground was actually blocked off from the public by temporary barriers. But Clinton walked over to the barriers to shake hands for quite a long time after the official ceremony, with security people holding an umbrella over his head. I heard one guy say something into his cell phone to the effect of, "I just had the greatest moment in my life, I shook Bill Clinton's hand!" He then gave a play by play into his phone as Clinton moved along the fence.

Some people shouted Four More Years!, which was shocking only cuz this has got to be one of the most Republican enclaves in metro Denver. One of the event planners allowed me to walk past the barrier to talk to Clinton, but one of the security folks said "Hi!" and pulled on my raincoat to hold me back. I don't think I could have taken the president. Later I caught up with him, where an awestruck crowd heard Clinton talk about how people could make small donations and still make a difference. (The memorial committee still needs to raise $250,000 to reach the $1.5 million goal for the memorial, even after Clinton pledged $50,000.) "People of modest means have enormous power if enough agree to do the same thing," Clinton said.

The memorial committee is selling pins for $13 to help raise money _ one dollar for each of the 12 students and the teacher who were killed. Nearly all the money goes toward the memorial, according to the families. There are also 300 limited edition pins that come with a sketch of the 13 victims. The families gave Clinton No. 42, because he was the 42nd president. How to donate

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Scattered Arts

So if we get in the way-back machine, you might see when we told you about Paniolo. Well, forget that. The new deal is Kettle Black, and they're playing at the Scattered Arts Collective event Friday night (6/9) @ the Oriental Theater. It's FREE.

UPDATE:Hipsters, punks, the tattooed ones and arts-minded folks spilled out from the Oriental Theater onto the sidewalk in the Highlands for Scattered Arts. Kettle Black's singer/songwriter Corey Teruya was sick, and it kinda showed in his vocals. I would've preferred to hear more songs on the acoustic guitar than electric, but the crowd got a kick out of the electric violin last night. In the lobby aXa had a great art piece of a baby face painted in black and white on a grid, so every other square was either the face or a square of black and white dots. Interesting. The magician bombed...but not for lack of trying. It just wasn't a great venue for a goofy magician. A friend of a friend in Scattered Arts got on stage and ate fire (literally! he's had training from carnival types) when the dance troupe couldn't make it. My friends dug The Life There Is. They remind me of the Cure. The live show definitely makes you think of three guys who sit in the basement and toy with their Casios, but they did all pick up guitars towards the end. IF you missed it, check them out Larimer Lounge on July 1. Of the bands we saw last night, they probably sounded the best, but I like the songwriting of Kettle Black better. By the way, the Oriental Theater is a beautiful venue. Old-time theater with a big stage, red curtains, a balcony, the pit is open for people to sit or pack it in. Bar and artwork in the lobby.

As you might have heard, there's just a week to go til Tom Green launches his LIVE call-in show on, which, did you know, has a warehouse behind Heritage Bank on York Street. (yes, THAT Tom Green, from MTV, former spouse of Drew Barrymore, the one to blame for "Freddy Got Fingered"). Debut: 6/15.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Remember the Evolution of Dance guy who was a big hit at my work? He was on the Today show this morning.

Which by the way, what was up with Natalie Morales mispronouncing Jai's name during her interview of the Queer Eye guys? (she pronounced it JIE, twice) Whoops. Guess she doesn't watch the show.

Monday, June 05, 2006


I'm sorry to report that Composition has vacated its shop in LoDo, although you can still shop online at Composition's beautifully designed Web site.

It's a shame we won't see the store and Abby (sp?) the unofficial black-and-white mascot running out with a chew toy in her mouth on our way to the coffee shop anymore. Rents are high in the area of 15th and Blake, but I don't know if that's why Composition left. Anyone else have more details?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Voxtrot tonight at the Hi-Dive.

Twilight Singers @ Larimer Lounge, 6/12

The Black Angels @ LL, 6/16

In case you haven't heard, the Giraffes are in town Tues. (6-6-6) at the Bluebird, then do a show at the LL 6/23. Prepare for items to be thrown

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I've said it before and I'll say it again. If you're in Seattle and you like sushi, you must try Musashi. This small, tight eatery on North 45th and Interlake in the Wallingford neighborhood fills up QUICK, so it's best to get there as close to opening time as you can, especially with groups larger than two. I ordered the special bento box, which had a skewer each of chicken and beef teriyaki, onion, mushrooms and cucumber; four pieces of tuna sashimi, two pieces of red snapper sashimi, and two pieces of salmon sashimi; rice; one cooked shrimp; salad and two pieces of egg for $9.95. For some reason, I also ordered two salmon sushi pieces a la carte, not realizing how full I would be. A piece here is like 1.5 pieces anywhere else I've ever been. Seriously. You really can't believe it when they bring the slab of fish to your table. And it was only $1.50 a piece. The catch: Musashi doesn't take credit cards, so bring cash. But honestly, you could comfortably skate out of here paying just $20 per person, even if you get a drink. I had a glass of plum wine for just $2.50. It's mostly standard stuff here -- no crazy wide selection of rolls or hipper-than-you attitude (they staple posters of upcoming concerts and festivals all over the walls for heaven's sake), but if it's a neighborhood sushi joint you're looking for that's affordable, Musashi=yum.