Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Spread the cheer

The Denver Post has a story today on CSU engineering and business students using their powers for good instead of evil. Read it here

Want to know where to find cheap gas without leaving your house? Or just want to know what the going rate is? MapQuest maps out gas prices at selected stations near you. Go here to check it out.

The Photo Atlas is touring but they'll be back for a show with Born in the Flood on Fri., Feb. 9 @ the Gothic.

Someone uploaded nearly the whole recent Jason Mraz concert (Lake Tahoe) onto YouTube.

Chocolate bread pudding w/ brandied cherries has been added to the dessert menu at Luca D'Italia, over there on 7th and Grant.


Suzanne Lainson said...

How is that Mraz concert on YouTube? I saw him play live at the AAA Radio Summit in Boulder several years ago and the guy was amazing. His CDs and DVD have never done him justice. His label tried to turn him into another John Mayer, but he's really more of an improvisional/jazz/scat kind of guy.

Delicatessen said...

It's good! He has some funny improv on "The Remedy." Someone also put up his concert from Montreal. Also good