Monday, January 22, 2007

Broadway boutiques

I've discovered True Love ... the store, that is. Right on South Broadway _ Broadway and Irvington to be exact. The store sells trendy shoes, sunglasses, accessories and jewelry, all reasonably priced. In fact, quite a few of the shoes in the window are $30 or less, and boots are under $45. Funky, chunky silver rings are $20 or so, and they have $4 lucite rings too.

Across the street at Broadway and Ellsworth is the Fancy Tiger, where you can find vintage fabric, albums by local bands, original art and jewelry, yarn and patterns. But mostly, Fancy Tiger is known for its knitting/craft classes and craft nights.

Right next door is Sputnik, where you can relax with a drink, alcoholic or otherwise, and get some snapshots in the photo booth. At night, slide on over to the Hi-Dive next door. There's plenty of fun places on that stretch of Broadway, including Decade, American Vogue and the Skylark.


att said...

I totally want to check these out!

moi said...

I got a pair of shoes there. My friend bought 2 pairs of shoes there, and she sent her friend there...who brought her two friends, and all three of them each got a pair. I'm not sure whether to think of this place as a fancy Payless or a more reasonably priced fancy boutique, but it's pretty cool