Sunday, May 07, 2006

Two things

_I was ridiculously happy to find the online Wall St. Journal is free right now.

_Yesterday my summer softball team went to Veterans Park for some pickup softball for practice/scrimmage. When we got to the field, there were two guys there, Hector and Jose, hitting balls to each other and fielding and speaking in Spanish, and both of them plus another random guy ended up on our team for the scrimmage. Jose apparently was kind of like a translator for Hector maybe? Hector said he is in the Rockies' minor league system. He played shortstop and hit some homers over the fence. So anyway, I think he's this guy, a 17-year-old prospect from the Dominican Republic. If anyone has a picture of his face, show me, and I can tell you whether that was the guy at V Park yesterday. And the best part is, some of my summer softball teammates have a spring team that will close out the season with a triple header Thursday. They asked Jose and Hector if they wanted to come play, and they were like, "Yeah, sure!" haha! Looks like a plastic trophy may be headed their way on Thursday.


neverecho said...

what? i pay $70/year for something that's now free?

Delicatessen said...

Fear not, the 10-day free trial is over. Bad for me, good for money-paying subscribers