Tuesday, May 30, 2006

C @ L

C@L is the rebus for Seattle, which is where I'm blogging from today from a bench next to University Avenue. Yes, I'm sitting outside using the city's free wifi service, and thank goodness there is no Seattle rain in sight. The plan was to get a haircut at Rudy's, go to a coffee shop, blog in bliss and then meet ATT for lunch. The haircut got done in lightning speed, and the coffee shop I wanted to go to isn't open yet! There are some cute boutiques, but those won't open til 11 am (student shoppers sleep in). So far I've been to the Folklife Festival, the Seattle International Film Festival to see "Russian Dolls" and there was a Memorial Day bbq, a walk in the rain, and a coffee drink in there too, so I've had the downtown Seattle experience. It's a shame I didn't bring my camera because we could have had a nice photoblog of Seattle fashion, from Crocs to hippie frocks. Use your imagination.

Here, a woman who drives a station wagon complains about her husband not letting her drive his new SUV. (My advice to her would have been: Trade in your station wagon for a Mini)

The loudest truck ever has just parked nearby, and I must move lest I lose my hearing forever. Ciao

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neverecho said...

aw, i miss my girls!