Sunday, May 21, 2006


There's all sorts of good things about Colfax like the Bluebird Theatre, Atomic Cowboy, Mataam Fez, The Fabric Lab, MezCal, the Ogden, the Fillmore...we could go on and on. The Colorado Colfax Marathon passed by it all this morning. Here is The Denver Post's tribute to the street itself

The Three Gorges Dam across the Yangtze is done. Story. We saw the project a few years ago and went past some of the communities that would be flooded by it. The whole project is supposed to prevent future floods though and generate hydroelectric power

Photo gallery of the Cubs-White Sox brawl, if you haven't seen it on TV 'bout them Tigers???? I hope columns like this don't jinx it, but it's exciting.
The Rockies aren't doing so bad either. Baseball. Crazy.

Finally, a timely ringtone from They Might Be Giants

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