Monday, May 15, 2006


BBC interviewed the wrong guy! Read all about it.
I hope you have a broadband connection too so you can see the video of the wrong "Guy" looking startled and getting interviewed.

AP also has a story on Jodie Foster quoting Eminem in public....

...and that's our segue into Detroit, where 89x is celebrating its 15th birthday. Nice lineup! Including:
Dashboard Confessional
Rogue Wave
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
We Are Scientists
The Stills....and more


neverecho said...

ah, 89x, how i loved thee so! don't you love that they were our intro to indie rock back in the day? i thank 89x for making me love stereolab.

i heard that bbc story on npr yesterday, how funny! and the guy totally went along with them, which was awesome.

Delicatessen said...

89x introduced me to the Killjoys, Dream Warriors and Our Lady Peace