Saturday, August 11, 2007

Christie Front Drive reunion

Christie Front Drive, the emo band that captured Denver hearts and minds back in the 90s, gets back together to play at DenverFest, Sept. 1 at the Marquis Theatre. Planes Mistaken for Stars playing too. $10 gets you into the show, or get a $30 pass for all the venues and shows for DenverFest (Aug. 31-Sept. 2).

The Cubbies are cleaning up the Rockies. Two more games, one tonight, one tomorrow afternoon. Lots of tickets left


feesa said...

but the Rockies got their revenge last night!

Delicatessen said...

Go Rockies! Maybe the Cubs will bounce back. A Triple-Aer is pitching for the Rockies today

feesa said...

Rockies rock again!