Thursday, August 23, 2007

Blast from the Past

Crowded House played the Fillmore last night, with Fountains of Wayne opening. It was FoW's very first Denver show. I'm short but it looked like FoW had 5 on stage. They played Stacy's Mom (I kinda hate that song) and Radiation Vibe, but also selections from the new album in a short set before turning things over to Crowded House. FoW said back in the day they went to a Crowded House show and threw demos at them, so they were so eXcItEd to share the stage w/ them.

Crowded House performed "Private Universe," (which would've been really cool to hear at Red Rocks), "Don't Dream It's Over," "Something So Strong," "Italian Plastic," "Four Seasons in One Day," Take the Weather With you, with some sweet audience singalongs. Also "Locked Out," "Pineapple Head," "Distant Sun" a cover of "Happy Together." Neil Finn's son Liam played in the band. Crowded House will be at Austin City Limits in Sept. Only bad thing about the show was it was hot inside the Fillmore and it smelled like stinky feet

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Anonymous said...

Seriously doubt that Cloud Cult, a class act, needed to lie to their fans to have them hear their closing numbers, I, for one, traveled many miles to hear them and even knowing the "green balls" and "bubble boy" had commenced, chose to stay for their show.
Two-thirds of their crowd knew when Flaming Lips started. Many acts overlapped and I hope this is re-evaluated for future Monolith Festivals.