Thursday, December 29, 2005

Blustery day

It was sunny, calm and pleasant when I walked out the door this morning. Then as I turned the corner, BAM! The winds picked up, leaves swirled under a black sky, the clouds started spitting rain and then it turned into SNOW! A 64 mph gust was recorded at Denver International Airport and a 75 mph gust at Chatfield Reservoir. The UPS guy said the wind blew the packages off his dolly and he had to run after them. An hour later, Denver was fine again.

Free fireworks 12/31 in Denver, downtown. Midnight and 9 pm

Best New Year's Eve show: New Pornographers/Rogue Wave @Metro in Chicago! $60 though

Hear sound clips from Biblically Correct Tours' trip through the Denver Museum of Nature & Science _ and read one museum official's responses here

New York Times disses figure skating outfits. "Figure skating, in particular, remains a mystifying holdout of supremely bad taste in sports..." says Guy Trebay. Slam! More

Snowboarders: Now there's a fashionable set. Though I don't know any guy who'd actually wear this stuff out.

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neverecho said...

Did you hear that new porn is going on tour again this spring with none other than belle & sebastian? this girl's willing to kill for tickets.