Saturday, October 19, 2013

adidas + snowboarding = ?

As snowboard season gets under way (A-Basin and Loveland have opened for the season, and Wolf Creek is operating on the weekends for now), we're curious to see whether adidas' entry into making and selling snowboard gear will take off.

Some longtime snowboarders are skeptical of a big brand like adidas getting into the snowboard game. Adidas is sponsoring pro riders like Jake Blauvelt to try to build cred.

Adidas has said it was going to go after core snowboarders in its first year of marketing, in part with advertising in snowboarding publications. They've managed to work their way into the editorial pages too.
The latest issue of Transworld Snowboarding includes adidas among its very limited number of "best boots you can buy" for both men and women. The issue also has a 10-page article on Blauvelt's new snowboard film, "Naturally," which adidas sponsored, and the issue has some full page ads for adidas. Also included on Transworld's best boot list: Nike.

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