Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Tom's Urban 24

Smashburger founder Tom Ryan's new 24-hour diner in Larimer Square is open! 

It's at 15th and Larimer in the spot once occupied by Samba Room. The space has been redesigned, with the staircase to the second floor moved from the door to the back wall behind the U-shaped bar and with windows stretching from the top of the second floor to the ground. There's an aqua and orange color scheme going on to reinforce the diner feel.

The prices are slightly pricier than your dive diner but far lower than other dining options in Larimer Square. The diner serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and it's late-night menu has breakfast/lunch/dinner type options. As Ryan describes it, the menu has nouns that may sound familiar, but the adjectives are different. He also describes it as modern comfort food with an urban edge. So there's pho on the menu, but it's not at all Asian pho. In fact, it makes use of the same meats that go into the tacos.

Our table tried the trio of snack tacos (top); fig jam and grilled cheese with sweet potato waffle fries (perfectly cooked, crispy to bite into but soft inside) and nice mix of sweet and salt (bottom left) and the pizza with hoisin duck (bottom right).

The drink menu is creative, with fun cocktail names like 50 Shades of Grey Goose. I tried a Utah mule (non alcoholic moscow mule).

We also tried a bit of the large shrimp salad and Colorado Hot Brown, which could be good for the drunkards (warm pot of house-roasted turkey, smoked ham, sourdough, bacon, cheese, cilantro, roasted tomato and a kick from green chile) except it might only be on the dinner menu not late night....

This place also makes its own pop tarts in the morning and donuts. Go to the side door if you just want takeout.

Another dining option for people who get out of work after 10 p.m. or 2 a.m. and want something hot to eat

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