Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Roasted veggies

Using A's recipe, we made roasted vegetables for a gathering to watch the CU Buffaloes get beat by the Texas Longhorns (and Cody Hawkins there for a bit.) It made watching the game Saturday night a little more enjoyable. We used orange and red peppers, 2 sweet potatoes, 3 white potatoes, 1/4 onion, rosemary, thyme and olive oil. Tasted good, even though we forgot to use balsamic vinegar.

So yesterday was take two, this time with butternut squash, orange and red peppers, asparagus, olive oil, rosemary, thyme and balsamic vinegar.

Stuck a piece of salmon on top, and that was dinner.

Also, on Saturday, for the CU fiasco, AK made a fabulous salad. Baby spinach, balsamic vinaigrette, gorgonzola cheese and cranberries.

Most of the ingredients came from Whole Foods. Has anyone else noticed that Whole Foods sells conventionally grown veggies? I haven't shopped there in a while, but have they always done that? Seems to defeat the purpose of their message, no? They were selling Hass avocadoes for 50 cents more than King Soopers. Conventional red peppers were for the same price as at King Soopers ($1 apiece)


lucas said...

Delicious! I've been making similar dishes with fresh veggies from my garden, since I had to pull everything due to the early freeze last week. Yellow Squash, Gooseneck squash, carrots, peppers, tomatoes, beans, and a bunch of random herbs. You really can't go wrong!

And to be honest, I've never been super duper impressed with Whole Foods, Sunflower is where it's at!

att said...


c said...

I'm jealous of the garden. I think you're right on Sunflower. Especially since they have their own garden too