Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving!

The Oriental Theater had a pre-Thanksgiving show with a great lineup: Paper Bird and Autumn Film, with Rob Drabkin, Chuck Potashner (actually, Chuck and Antz from teamAWESOME and Rachel singing) and Laura Goldhamer (one 'M,' thanks) opening.

You may have been seeing Rob Drabkin around town with his trademark 'fro. He's steadily risen since playing open stages and is working on a third album, which includes a ton of guests serving as his band. He hopes to have the album done by his birthday show Jan. 23 @ the Soiled Dove Underground. He was the first act at the Oriental Theater last night. He played for about an hour, then headed back to the studio, where MacKenzie from Flobots was recording for his album.

Chuck Potashner is still getting its live glee-pop act together, but it's entertaining in a goofy novelty way. If there's ever a sequel to "Juno," forget Moldy Peaches and pick up these kids, okay? A few more rehearsals maybe. Rachel does great on vocals.

The mellow Long Spoon Music sampler is out. $5. A lot of the songs on it are already available free on MySpace, but you can support and get 19 songs various artists like Paper Bird, The Wheel (with a song that's NOT on MySpace!) and Pee Pee.

DeVotchKa plays a free post-Thanksgiving show outside at Keystone near the River Run gondola, 8 p.m. Friday.

All right then. Happy Thanksgiving and be thankful for all Denver's creative minds!


Rachel Leber said...

thanks for the review! by the way, you are welcome to use my whole name 'Rachel Leber' (Chuck Potashner) I would love to get it out there!


rachel leber

Delicatessen said...

Great! Keep us posted on what you're up to!