Friday, November 16, 2007

Robbers on High Street / Great Northern in Denver

Congrats to all the peeps who stayed out late on a school night to bop along with Robbers on High Street and catch a beautiful set from opening band Great Northern last night. The bands played Seattle earlier this week. (GN bassist Ashley recommends hitting the Cha Cha Lounge. I digress.) Robbers on High Street: This Brooklyn bunch isn't kidding around. They were polished, tight, fun-lovin' _ even on their third pitcher of beer (or is that seventh?) and roadie Doug was working the crowd after four shots of Jager. Ben Trokan's vocals were dead on. Trokan, Steven Mercado, Morgan King and their touring keys and drummer were crisp, and opening band Great Northern jumped in on tambourine and vocals toward the end, including on the big-party finale of the band covering Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now"! Yee-haw! Mercado shook off his blazer, pulled off his sweater (and then put the blazer back on over his bare chest but still) traded places with Ben and sang lead. And good night!

The band sets up:

Souvenir of former days of touring drummer Mikey, who used to be in a band called Good lookin Shoes:

Rachel from Great Northern grabs a tambourine, Mercado grabs the mic, and we're off to the races with Queen!

By the way, Great Northern has some great music, and they performed "Home" to perfection last night. Check them out. After Denver, Robbers on High Street head to Lawrence, Kansas; Minneapolis and Chicago, with Great Northern in tow, to close out the week.


billie said...

great show. two great bands. they need to come back to denver fast.

Anonymous said...

I agree! Perhaps on a weekend so more people can enjoy them