Saturday, October 07, 2006

Denver Art Museum

It's a beautiful day (10/7) in the city! And lots of people are checking out the new addition to the Denver Art Museum. The line was about 20 minutes to get a timed ticket to enter the building early this afternoon. Let the ticket office know what time(s) you want your ticket(s) for. Other events to celebrate the opening of the new wing are ticket-free, including outdoor art stuff for kids, a music stage, and the rest of the museum is also open.

The inside of the building is just as angular as the outside, with open landings, angled, white walls, skylights. It's an interactive museum, conducive to wandering. At times you feel like you're lost in a maze, but you can't really get lost.

From the deck, you can get a peek at the neighborhood, and off in the distance, the snowcapped Rocky Mountains. Read below for a look at one of the galleries ....

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