Saturday, July 08, 2006

Summer reading list

July and August are time for beaches, mojitos on verandas, and road trips or holidays on planes. And every occasion could use a good book. This summer I've finished "The Crazed," and I'm in the middle of "Waiting." Then there's about five others that friends have loaned me after talks at the pool, at work or visits to their homes. Here's the summer list:

The Crazed, by Ha Jin. The payoff came at the end, and it took a while to get there.
Waiting, by Ha Jin. An award winner. It's good so far. I just got to Part Two.
Bel Canto, Ann Patchett. My friend has already warned me I won't like the ending. Her brother's wife got it for her as a gift. As for the book's plot, there's a Japanese executive, an opera singer and South Americans involved.
The Devil Wears Prada, Lauren Weisberger. I've heard neither the book nor the movie are worth much time, but it's summer, so trash fits. My friend loaned it to me to read before I watch the movie
Rock of Ages, Stephen Gould. Loaned by a coworker after I told her I was writing about Biblically Correct Tours, which gives Bible-based tours at science and history museums, zoos and other Colorado attractions
Mona in the Promised Land, Gish Jen (I've already read this one a while ago but brought it down to the pool again)

I saw "Crossworld" at the bookstore the other afternoon, and it just made me think of the book "Word Freak" about Scrabble players and how the guy who wrote "Crossworld" was kind of piggybacking. It also made me think how I wanted to see the movie "Wordplay." I really don't have any desire to read "Crossworld."


guile said...

waiting.. i love that book :)..

Delicatessen said...

I just finished it! It's like reading a lyrical fable