Monday, September 05, 2005

Labor Day

What more appropriate city to fly into on Labor Day than DE'-troit? And that is in fact what I'm doing. I'm taking Frontier, which offers live TV for a few minutes for free or for the whole flight for $5. Thus I'll be closing my eyes the first 15 minutes of the flight _ shutting them tight! _ like Indy in "Raiders of the Lost Ark" when he's tied to that post, or else Frontier is going to suck me in with some inane program that I saw free for a few moments and simply must pay $5 to see how it ends. Happy Labor Day.


neverecho said...

so did you get sucked in or stick to it?

Delicatessen said...

Managed to fight off the demons on the way out to Detroit with a copy of the New York Times and a breezy Candace Bushnell book in my bag. I nearly held out on the way back home but ended up shelling out $5 for Trading Spaces and While You Were Out. Sheez!

neverecho said...

TLC is evil.